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From homes of traditional comfort and character, to that cool, contemporary edge,
NZ Brick & Stone have the spectrum of styling options covered.


Bricks work

Take a fresh look at bricks for the ultimate expression of
individuality and timeless appeal.

Texture is the key feature in house design today and it is easily achieved through
a balance of finishes and surfaces that contrast and complement.
Nothing competes with the alluring textures on offer from natural clay brick.

The choice is yours

Brick Colours

There are many different
brick colours and finishes.

From the lightest of creams
through to traditional reds,
giving an unlimited opportunity
to colour
match or accent.

New generation colours
and glazes offer a range of
for a more subtle

Brick Sizes

It wasn't that long ago
that bricks were all the same size.

Now you can choose  from
standard size through
1 & 1/2 high
to double high
big face bricks.

widths 70mm,
90mm and 110mm.

 Mortar Colours

You can choose to match and
complement or create a striking
contrast with
your bricks.

From white to cream to extreme.

Think about mortar finish
rolled to flush,
raked to struck.

It's up to you and your
architect, designer or builder.